Re: Oxygen masks for twins

Date:         28 Sep 97 20:59:10 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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E & K Oller Westerberg wrote:
> (Cabin attendants has explained to us that
> there are just three masks in a two seat row, four in a three seat row
> and five in a four seat row).
> But flying on DC-9 or (MD-80?) we could sit each one on a side of the
> aisle, or behind each other.
> That was not the case in this trip to and from Greece. <snip>

Checking in for a recent AA flight, I overheard this topic being
discussed with a family at the adjacent check-in position.  They have to
obviously seat passengers so that there is a mask for everyone.  The
agent explained to this family with two laptop infants that they also
had to seat passengers in such a way that there was a spare oxygen mask
available at each row, on one side of the aisle or the other.  I believe
this is just a sensible precaution by the airline, not a FAA regulation.

Ken Ishiguro