TS 872 Vancouver-Glasgow 20thSept1997 Info needed

Date:         28 Sep 97 20:59:09 
From:         Alan Choo-Kang <alan@chookang.demon.co.uk>
Organization: The House of God
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I was on flight TS872 (Air Transat) Vancouver to Glasgow on 20th Sept
97, which was forced to abort the flight about 20 min into the flight
and return to Vancouver.

If anyone has details/rumours/concrete facts about what actually caused
the turnaround I would be grateful to know.

Also if anyone knowledgeable could speculate as to possible causes
likewise I'd appreciate the info.  ^^^^^^^^^


The plane was an Air Transat Lockheed LS 1011 - 500 series, one of (i
think ) 3 in their fleet. The flight left approx 1930hr , about 30 min
late. About 20 min into the flight, (possibly only 10-15 min) a loud
bang was heard from outside the craft. (Third-hand info says some
passengers observed some "flames shooting along the outside of the
plane" - where, I don't know)

However, the flight seemed to proceed normally after this, with no other
abnormal noises, or movements. No announcement was made at that time by
the crew. About 5 min later the pilot came on the intercom acknowledging
the loud bang and saying that although he was not sure of the cause, we
had to turn around and land back at Vancouver.

The landing proceeded normally. Fire engines were on standby to meet us,
but they were not required. We were instructed at first to stay in our
seats while the plane was inspected, and about 5 min later a guy who I
assume was an engineer came on board and went toward the front of the
plane to (I assume) talk to the crew). The pilot then told us that the
engineers had informed him that some piece (I can't recall what) had
come away or fallen off the plane and "gone into one of the engines"
causing the bang. Thus the unscheduled return to Vancouver was

We had to get off the plane, and got an alternate plane then next day (a
Lockheed LS1011 - 100 series I believe, which needed to stop more times
for refueling)

Talking to another passenger on the second flight the next day, it
seemed another passenger had talked to some member of the crew after the
plane had landed and had been told that the problem had been potentially
"very serious".

If anyone out there can shed any light on the possible goings-on with
this flight I would be most grateful to hear from them

Thanks in advance..

Dr Alan Choo-Kang
Lost in (cyber)space
E-Mail:  alan@chookang.demon.co.uk