Re: 2nd Officer on a 767

Date:         28 Sep 97 20:59:09 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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Mark E. Ingram wrote:
> <snip>
> > What did it look like?
>   Thus, as we made a wide left turn after departing
> LAX to the west, and then headed pretty much straight east

This is called a "Thermal Transition" (over the TRM VOR), and is quite

> (instead of proceeding directly back over the center of the airport,
> which is common for LAX departures),

This is called the "Loop Departure" also very common, but no more or
less that the TRM SID.

> Riding in the cockpit is ultimately always a thrill, though, and so I do
> hope you someday get a chance to fulfill your wish.  Some of the non-US
> carriers give more latitude to their crews in allowing cockpit access
> (my non-pilot wife once got to ride in the jumpseat of a Mexicana 727),
> so maybe you can plan your trips accordingly.

True.  I have gotton onto flight decks of BA, CX, and MX simply by
asking.  (I do mention I have my Private Pilot's license to the cabin
crew, but I don't think this had any contribution to me getting there.)
I have unfortunately never been able to ride shotgun for the approach
into HKG; I have asked, believe me!!

Ken Ishiguro