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Date:         28 Sep 97 20:59:09 
From:         kwmcc <>
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> The most likely reason for the rotating engine is simple: wind. If there was
> any breeze, it would have started the engine windmilling like you saw.
> Actually, far from aiding the lubrication, it can be detrimental to the
> engine and accessory section if allowed to continue for extended periods
> and/or at high speeds. The slow rotation does not drive the oil pump quickly
> enough to lubricate the bearings properly. Often, when airplanes are parked
> for longer than overnight, inlet covers are installed to prevent windmilling
> (as well as keeping birds from building nests and other FOD.)

At an airshow I once saw several military aircraft (KC-135's with newer
engines or C-5's, I can't remember which ... it was a long time ago) that
had 2x4s stuck between their fan blades.  I suppose that's one low-tech

Perhaps they should have attached red "Remove Before Flight" flags to the
lumber :-).