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Date:         28 Sep 97 20:59:09 
From:         airjet@Alaska.NET
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> 1- Today, I took a relative to to National (DC). While waiting for her
> plane to arrive a 757 was waiting at the adjacent gate to off load / on
> load pax. The 757 had its on board ground power unit operating (evident
> from the hot exhaust gases) and was possibly connected to electrical
> power from the gate.

Many times the APU will run to keep the aircraft air conditioned. While
this is sufficient to run the electrical systems as well, the GPU may be
connected and not be actually running or if it is it may not be in use.

> The entire time the aircraft was on the ground the right engine was
> slowly (60-100 rpm) turning. I assume it was bleed air from the gpu.

Depending on the wind and direction, the fan may have been turning
simply by that wind.

Hope that helps.

David A. Stuart, Sr. wrote: