Oxygen masks for twins

Date:         28 Sep 97 00:53:45 
From:         E & K Oller Westerberg <ollerwe@algonet.se>
Organization: Algonet/Tninet
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My wife and I flew from Stockholm to Greece last summer. Our baby twins
were with us. Since we have travelled by plane with them before we knew
we couldn't sit together (Cabin attendants has explained to us that
there are just three masks in a two seat row, four in a three seat row
and five in a four seat row).
But flying on DC-9 or (MD-80?) we could sit each one on a side of the
aisle, or behind each other.
That was not the case in this trip to and from Greece. It was a Lockheed
L-1011 (now Blue Scandinavia, before a Cathay Pacific plane) and we were
placed with a seat row in between us. They said it was to guarantee
access to a mask in case of emergency.
Does it make sense to any of you?

Erico Oller Westerberg
Stockholm, Sweden