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Date:         28 Sep 97 00:53:44 
From: (Howard Jones)
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k_ish ( wrote:
: rosevax wrote:
: > Regarding wing fences:
: > Do the rather wide "pontoons" (sorry, don't know the correct name) located
: > on the lower surface of the wings of A320s & 757s serve the same purpose?
: These are called "flap track fairings", and house the tracks and some of
: the drive mechanisms that the flaps slide on.   Since they are on the
: trailing edge of the wing, I doubt they have much benefit in stopping
: spanwise airflow.

an english aerodynamicist, dieter keusner(sp?) used something like this
nicknamed Keusner's Carrots (seriously) to squeeze and invigorate the airflow
to overcome a problem on an english jet. they may be doing more than just
housing the tracks.
(sorry to be vague, I read his book back in the 80's)

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