Re: Questions about the DH Comet

Date:         25 Sep 97 01:39:44 
From: (Harry W. Barr)
Organization: Unemployed Low-Time Private Pilots
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Said (Phil. G. Felton) on 17 Sep 97 02:49:24 :

|>> By some measures, the entire field of fatigue behaviour started
|>> only a few years before, when the Allies tried to figure out why
|>> brand new Liberty Ships in the North Atlantic were suddenly
|>> cracking in half and sinking.
|>Recent research on the fate of the Titanic and her sister ship (the
|>Britannic?) seem to indicate that fatigue of welds were a factor in
|>the demise of those two ships.

Didn't researchers recently test a sample of the steel from Titanic's hull
plates, and find it far too high in sulphur content, which made it brittle
(thus inducing far more damage from the collision with the iceberg than
would have occurred with better steel)?

	Harry Barr
	private pilot
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