Re: P3/Electra (was Questions about the DH Comet)

Date:         25 Sep 97 01:39:43 
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>>As for the other differences, I thought that they were really quite
>>minor (military rating and certification standards) and that it was
>>quite accurate to say that the P3 and Electra were more closely related
>>than, say, the KC-135 and 707.
>I guess the question is how to "score" differences!  For example, if the
>fuselage of a 707 has a larger diameter than that of a KC-135, but otherwise
>is constructed similarly (i.e. same frame arrangement), how does that rate
>on the difference scale?
>The P3 has a plug forward of the wing for the bomb bay (not found on your
>typical Electra), and has an addition to the fuse behind the tail for the
>MAD gear, even ignoring the MAD boom proper hanging out the back.

It sounds like it might be comparatively easy to convert an Electra to
a P-3, or vice-versa -- it's hardly unprecedented to slice a fuselage
and insert a plug or take out a piece.  In contrast, converting a 707
to a KC-135 or vice versa would be a massive undertaking, creating an
almost entirely new airframe.

Perhaps a better comparison to the Electra and P-3 Orion would be the
707-320 and the E-3A AWACS, which are essentially the same airframe.
I believe some of the E-3A AWACS aircraft may even be converted 707s,
though I may be getting confused with the E-8A J-STARS, all of which
use converted commercial 707-320 airframes.

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