Re: P3/Electra (was Questions about the DH Comet)

Date:         25 Sep 97 01:39:43 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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On 17 Sep 97 02:49:22 , Steve Lacker <look@the.sig> caused to appear as if
it was written:

>Malcolm Weir wrote:

Well, OK, so it was written under my account, but the owner of the fingers
actually spent 20 years or so flying around in P3s, so I deny

>> The P3 and Electra are related, but not the same.  The fuselage (of the P3)
>> is 28ft shorter
>Do you perhaps mean 28 INCHES???

According to said former P3 inhabitant, "Ooops, Yes!"

>As for the other differences, I thought that they were really quite
>minor (military rating and certification standards) and that it was
>quite accurate to say that the P3 and Electra were more closely related
>than, say, the KC-135 and 707.

I guess the question is how to "score" differences!  For example, if the
fuselage of a 707 has a larger diameter than that of a KC-135, but otherwise
is constructed similarly (i.e. same frame arrangement), how does that rate
on the difference scale?

The P3 has a plug forward of the wing for the bomb bay (not found on your
typical Electra), and has an addition to the fuse behind the tail for the
MAD gear, even ignoring the MAD boom proper hanging out the back.

But otherwise, the 707/KC-135 and P3/Electra comparisons are extremely
valid: the engine differences are approximately equivalent, etc.  The
principal distinction is that the 707 and KC-135 were roughly contemporary,
one could almost say siblings, while the relationship between the P3 and the
Electra was rather more parent/child.