Re: 747 hump

Date:         25 Sep 97 01:39:42 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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Joel S Cole wrote:
> Solution.  Boeing engineers designed a panel that deployed behind the
> Refueling Receptable, just in front of the windshield.  This panel has
> holes that breaks up the turblence from the boom and re-establishes
> laminar flow over the Hump.
> Next time you see a front view of the "Flying Fuhrer Bunker", look
> above the Refueling Receptable and you will see an outline of this panel.

	Not quite - one of the engineers who helped fix this explained it
to me years ago.  The presence of the boom created a flow separation that
was unstable.  They tried to get rid of it, but eventually came to the
conclusion that they were stuck with the separation.  This being the case,
the added the panel to stabilize the flow separation so that it doesn't
wander about.  There is no laminar flow on the hump!  Any laminar flow on
the 747 fuselage is gone by the time it tries to cross the radome joint,
the windshield joints, etc.

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