Re: Questions about the DH Comet

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:25 
From:         J& (John Wright)
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On 11 Sep 97 03:35:30 , in <airliners.1997.2157@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Gerard Foley wrote:
>Janet and John (J& wrote:
>: You should say "any strength of materials textbook written since the
>: Comet crash investigations". Fatigue behaviour was not well known at the
>: time, and the Comet crashes aided the development of the science
>: immeasurably,
>As a person working on endurance (fatigue) testing of materials (including
>uranium as well as duralumin) in the period 1940-1945 I take issue with
>the statement.  I believe poor calculation of stress raising, or
>complete neglect of pressurization cycles as a source of fatigue
>stress, was the reason for the fault.

How much of your work was published in text books? By its very nature
work on uranium and duralumin in that period would have been kept secret
as part of the war effort and perhaps not available to people in the
wider world of engineering - even maybe to aircraft companies in the UK
like deHavilland, most famous during the war for producing wooden

John Wright