Re: Questions about the DH Comet

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:24 
From:         michael piersdorff <>
Organization: Industry Canada
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Brian Allardice wrote:
> In article <airliners.1997.2100@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Marc Schaeffer <> says:
> >Hmmmm, there was the Tu104 which had also the jetengines inside the
> >wings. It was the first commercial russian jet a/c. The Tu104 was a
> >derivative from the Tu16 military a/c. It had two Mikulin AM-3M engines.
> >Biggest problems were the unreliable engines and the pressure regulating
> >system. However the design of the Tu104 did not even come close to the
> >DH106.
> The Avro jetliner also used a similar arrangement.....

The C-102 Jetliner's engines were at or slightly below wing chord line,
but they were well clear of the fuselage, not buried in the wing root as
on the Comet.  Jetliner first flew on 10 August 1949.