Re: Airliner Windows

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:21 
From:         Andrew Weir <>
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>YP (Elba) was found to have failed at an upper navigation window.  YU,
>the aircraft stressed in the test tank at Farnborough, failed at the
>forward escape hatch window.  YY went down in deep water and was not
>able to be adequately investigated.  The problem there was not any
>particular window, but the fact the windows were square and the fuselage
>skin too thin.

In terms of critical path analysis, the last remark was spot on. I heard it
said by contemporaries of Bishop, the Comet's designer that he was asked
why, to be on the safe side, he did not add one sixteenth of an inch to the
thickness of the fuselage skin. The answer, apparently, was that the
engines did not have enough power to cope with the additional weight.
Presumably, the payload had already been pared to the operational minimum.