Window obscuring

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:19 
From:         Robert Kochersberger <>
Organization: North Carolina State University
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The thread on airliner windows made me think of this: In the
early 1990s I had the occasion to fly on Jugoslovenska Aerotransport
(JAT) twice--once on a 727, once on a DC-9. In each case, the passenger
windows were made opaque. Light was transmitted through them, but nothing
more--no clear images. A flight attendant said it was to "help the air
conditioning," but obviously that wasn't the case. I suspect it was a
security thing, but I wonder if anyone has any other ideas.
	Another gem from JAT: the smoking/nonsmoking division ran down
the center aisle, with smokers on the left, nonsmokers on the right. Go