Re: Air Speed

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:19 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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Ruth or Doug Blue wrote:
>Several of us (non pilots) have been told that a large passenger jet
>should not descend below about 10,000 feet at more than about 250 knots
>air speed in controlled flight. Should that speed be inadvertently
>exceeded, what sort of problems would arise? We felt that they might be
>related mainly to temperature increase in the denser air, but wondered
>if anyone had detailed information.

This speed restriction applies to all aircraft below 10000 feet.  It is
because that is the certification limit for bird strikes, and it is felt
that all birds will be found below this altitude.  Also, slowing down in
lower-altitude, congested airspace is a good idea, too.

There is a (IIRC) 200 mph speed limit in Airport Traffic Areas; this is
due to the congestion issue already mentioned.

Ken Ishiguro