Re: Air Speed

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:17 
From:         westin* (Stephen H. Westin)
Organization: Program of Computer Graphics -- Cornell University
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"Ruth or Doug Blue" <> writes:

> Several of us (non pilots) have been told that a large passenger jet should
> not descend below about 10,000 feet at more than about 250 knots air speed
> in controlled flight. Should that speed be inadvertently exceeded, what
> sort of problems would arise?

Really irritated air traffic controllers, and possible discipline from
the FAA. I believe the 250-knot limit is just to keep traffic flow
smooth, as lots of planes of wildly different performance levels are
flying about. I think it's also a U.S.-only restriction. I seem to
recall that Concorde would really like to fly a bit faster to save
fuel, but slows down to be a good citizen.


-Stephen H. Westin
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