Re: Toilet sucks in child

Date:         15 Jan 97 04:23:56 
From:         "Mark A. Brown" <>
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Some toilets operate by exploiting the pressure differential between the
cabin and ambient to suck (or rather, push with cabin pressure) the waste
matter into holding tanks when the flush lever is pressed.  Reducing
altitude would reduce the pressure differential enabling the trapped person
to be freed.

As I recall, a similar indicent has happened before on an aircraft equipped
with a vacuum toilet. In this case, the passenger was reportedly a rather
portly individual who formed a seal on the toilet when she sat on it. When
she operated the toilet still sitting down, the pressure differential
caused part of her intestine to be pulled out and protrude from her body.
This was later fixed in hospital. I suspect similar injuries in the more
recent case -- vaginal prolapse and the like.

>I suppose that the moral of the story is never go for a shit on an

In fact its any aircraft with vacuum toilets (I think the previous indicent
I mentioned was on a Boeing aircraft.)

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