Re: Air Speed

Date:         17 Sep 97 02:49:17 
From: (Larry Stone)
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In article <airliners.1997.2180@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Ruth or Doug Blue"
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>Several of us (non pilots) have been told that a large passenger jet should
>not descend below about 10,000 feet at more than about 250 knots air speed
>in controlled flight. Should that speed be inadvertently exceeded, what
>sort of problems would arise? We felt that they might be related mainly to
>temperature increase in the denser air, but wondered if anyone had detailed

That's because it's against the law in the U.S. (or more techinically -
the FAR's (Federal Air Regulations)). It's because the airspace is so much
more congested as you go lower. I don't know of any aerodynamic reasons
for it and it may be exceeeded if operationally required. Many heavy
international departures do operationally require it (to keep their climb
speed a safe margin above their stall speed) - I've heard pilots of some
of these flights tell ATC they'll need as fast as 330 knots.

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