Re: Passenger cabin pressurization

Date:         16 Sep 97 02:37:13 
From:         "Robert J. Montgomery" <>
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Gerard Foley wrote:
> jf mezei ("[non-spam]jfmezei" wrote:
> : I have seen mentioned often that modern airliners maintain a cabin
> : pressure of 8000feet when flying at cruise altitude of 30-40k feet.
> : Is this an urban myth or actual precise figure that applies to all
> : airliners ?


>   There was usually a little bump upward in cabin pressure when
> the doors were closed.

Kind of a related question. I almost remember hearing, from some
flight crew friend of mine, that most airlines actually decrease
pressure prior to take-off. This way, they have to accelerate less
mass during the takeoff process. Is this ever true? I've felt pressure
changes in planes on the tarmac prior to takeoff (ear pop), but
this may be caused by Gerry's pressure bump.



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