Re: Passenger cabin pressurization

Date:         16 Sep 97 02:37:13 
From:         J& (John Wright)
Organization: Us at home with our cat
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On 08 Sep 97 02:03:53 , in <airliners.1997.2115@ohare.Chicago.COM>, jf
mezei wrote:
>Reason for question: for scuba diving, the actual cabin pressure
>experienced by passengers can make a big difference for Decompression
>Sickness following dives.

Certainly at the Deeside Gliding Club near Aberdeen - a centre of the
UK^H^H Scottish offshore oil industry, which employs many divers -
people are warned not to go flying within 24 hours of diving. Deeside is
a centre for wave soaring and heights of 30+ thousand feet have been

John Wright