Re: Smoke generator

Date:         16 Sep 97 02:37:11 
From: (AirBearZln)
Organization: AOL
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I cant suggest an apparatus, but the oil you might want to try is the same
that is used by arishow pilots.  My Zlin makes a LOT of airshow smoke by
injecting about 1 gallon per minute into the stacks, about two or three
inches downstream of the exhust port. Gas stream temperature about 1400 deg
F. gas flow rate about 1/6 of 540 cubic inches/2*2800rev/min.  Try Corvus,
now known as Canopus Oil.  Standard makes it.  It is used as form oil in
the civil engineering industry, and as an extender in rubber processing.
10 wt Turbine oil works great, too

Rob  Rob Hartrison Airshows.