Re: Why are ailiners white?

Date:         16 Sep 97 02:35:28 
From: (Joel S Cole)
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Karl Swartz wrote:
>>Is there a reason why airliners are dominantly painted in white,
>>or is it simply that white paint is cheaper?!!
> As a side benefit, the mostly white schemes are easier to see, so there
>is a safety factor, though the existence of many non-white schemes
>suggests this is not a significant consideration.

	FedEx made a livery change not so long ago, July 1994 to be
exact.  The reasons given were (1) to incorporate the new FEDEX logo and
(2) to modernize our paint scheme to match other fleets.
	Well, a side benefit was the life expectancy of the paint was
extended.  The original paint scheme was PURPLE across the upper half of
the fuselage and vertical stabilizer.  With exposure to infrared light at
high altitude, this PURPLE took on a color of its own within 2 years, in
some cases.  There was no way to touch it up either.
	So it was cheaper to switch to a paint that would not fade away
as often.  I always thought it was odd that the paint scheme, especially
the gray under-belly, matched the Airbus color scheme which FedEx had
just taken delivery of.  Why not white undersurface; except grease &
grime would stand out too easily.

     		 STeve Cole~

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