Re: Why are all airliners white?

Date:         16 Sep 97 02:35:27 
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>>>[Braniff] commissioned Alexander Calder to paint a couple of their
>>>planes in a tribute to the 1976 bicentennial.

>>Braniff had two Calder-painted aircraft, but only the second one (a
>>727-200) was a bicentenial scheme.  The DC-8-62 was just an attention
>>getter, and a very good one!

>It was Overseas National who painted two DC-8s for the bicentennial.
>One scheme was based on the Stars and Stripes, the other featured the
>Confederate flag. N-numbers N1776R and N1976P, but I don't recall which
>was which.

Terry Waddington's book on the DC-8 (vol. 2 in the Great Airliners
series) has pictures of these two aircraft on p. 122.  N1776R (a
DC-8-32) wore a very stylized US flag with 13 stars in a circle on
the tail, while N1976R (a DC-8-21) wore a stylized Confederate flag.
Presumably the original poster got these aircraft and Braniff's
confused -- across from the ONA DC-8s, on p. 123 of Waddington's book,
is the (non-bicentennial) Calder DC-8-62.

See for
a (poor quality) image of the Braniff / Calder bicentennial 727.

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