Re: Older Aircraft

Date:         16 Sep 97 02:35:27 
From: (Agtabby)
Organization: AOL
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>I was wondering if anyone had statistics on the oldest aircraft
>currently being flown by a U.S. carrier in regular service.

I read an interesting article in a Minneapolis Newspaper (Twin Cities
Reader?) about 5 years ago, that said some Northwest DC-9 (a dash 10 I
believe) had more cycles than any other jet airliner, it was pushing
100,000 (!!!).  Think about it, this is 3 a day for almost a hundred years!

The article said that passengers were alarmed by landings, as the lack of
some wing feature (leading edge slats?) made these planes land unusually
fast.  The article was the usual media pap about how terrible it was for
airlines to fly such old planes, though it admitted that little or no
relation between age and safety could be found.  I personally like the fact
that these old planes, so well built, continue to soldier on productively.