Re: Airliner Windows

Date:         11 Sep 97 03:35:33 
From:         "McElravy" <>
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> AFAIK, the main problem with the COMET where the high engine vibrations.
> It was the first passenger aircraft with jet engines and they were pretty
> roughat those times. The engines were mounted in the root of the wing,
> where the bending torque has the highest value.

Indeed. My father, whose hero is Eddie Rickenbacker, told me the story of
Mr. R.'s ride on the Comet. de Havilland was trying to convince Eastern to
buy the aircraft. In flight, Eddie put his hand on the side of the fuselage
and announced that it vibrated too much to be safe. The engineers scoffed
at his concerns, but it did no good. Eastern waited for better jets. Eddie
was right and they were wrong.

	Evan McElravy