Re: aborted takeoff and brake damage

Date:         11 Sep 97 03:35:30 
From: (J Clark)
Organization: HookUp Communication Corporation, Oakville, Ontario, CANADA
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Chris Dahler <> wrote:
>> 2: Given the shuddering and groaning of the brakes, what would need to be
>> done to them in the way of repairs?

>A quick brake change solves the problem, but while it doesn't take much
>time to do this, it's kind of expensive.  It will depend on whether the
>brakes have permanently reduced effectiveness (in which case the brakes
>must be changed) or whether the noise is just annoying but the brakes
>still work fine (in that case, it's more the airline not wanting to
>annoy or frighten passengers than a brake change being required).

     At the company I work for after an aborted take off, all the
brake units are changed, all flexible brake lines are changed and a
very thorough inspection is done on the main landing gear.

     One of our planes had aborted take off and consequently went off
the side of the runway. Because the brakes got so hot the copper pucks
fused to the still disk sections and we had to beat them apart with a
sledge hammer before we could move the airplane.