Re: aborted takeoff and brake damage

Date:         11 Sep 97 03:35:30 
From:         "Stefano P. Pagiola" <>
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J F Mezei writes:
> Assuming no wait prior to second attempt to take off, with
> brakes still hot, what would happen when the landing gear
> is retracted in the wheel wells?
> Would this not be a much more important factor to
> requiring a cool-down period prior to take off compared
> to the chance of a second abort ?

Yes.  A Swissair Caravelle crashed for exactly this reason.
It hadn't had an aborted take-off, but had used the brakes
hard as it taxied down the runway at full power in an
attempt to clear the fog so that it might have enough
visibility to take off.  After take-off, the hot brakes
started a fire in the wheel wells, resulting in a crash
a few minutes later.  The accident is described in M. Job's
first _Air Disaster_ book (highly recommended).

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