Re: aborted takeoff and brake damage

Date:         11 Sep 97 03:35:30 
From:         Christopher Davis <>
Organization: Mirabile Wildlife Agency
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JFM> ==  Jean-Francois Mezei <[non-spam]>

 JFM> Assuming no wait prior to second attempt to take off, with brakes
 JFM> still hot, what would happen when the landing gear is retracted in
 JFM> the wheel wells?

It would, of course, depend on how hot the brakes were.

In 1963, Swissair lost a Caravelle after they overheated the brakes
while attempting to clear fog from the runway using the jet blast; this
led to a wheel fracture and tire burst at or near the beginning of the
takeoff roll, and possibly another tire burst after the gear were

(See Macarthur Job's _Air Disaster, Vol.1_, pp. 30-36.)

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