Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         15 Jan 97 04:23:54 
From: (Terry Schell)
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
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  or MIME structure (Niels Sampath) writes:

>>I do agree that nine abrest and ten abreast are less ideal than eight
>>abreast when the flight is *full*.  Airlines do hope every flight is
>>full, but most airlines can realistically fill their planes 60-70% full,
>>annually.  Thus, for most flights, the dreadful middle seat of the 2-5-2
>> configuration is not an issue.

>No. It is an issue to the poor sap who is in the centre
>seat and won't be a repeat customer. I can't see Boeing saying to
>airlines: `you'll only have 60-70% capacity, don't worry about that
>centre seat being occupied(!)' Tho I suppose this may become true
>after they lose all those initial centre seat customers.

It would be nice if it were true that people would avoid uncomfortable
airplanes, but it just isn't.  I asked a travel agent how often
someone specified the type of plane when making travel plans (or even
asking before they purchased tickets)... she said "maybe one person
per *year*".