Re: Arctic diversion points (was Re: Fracturing the Pacific)

Date:         10 Sep 97 19:38:45 
From: (Tom Benedict)
Organization: Northwest Nexus Inc.
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In article <airliners.1997.1878@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:

> > Regarding my comment about Sondre Stromfjord being the only alternate
> > in Greenland, while editing I inadvertantly dropped an important
> > qualifier, namely, that I was looking at material related to flying
> > the North Atlantic between Europe and North America.  Thule seems to
> > be a fine alternate, but it's much too far north to be of interest
> > for the routes I was writing about.
> Does anyone in the NG have info about how often SFJ or other arctic
> diversion points have seen ETOPS, or medical emergency diversions?

I seem to recall that Hawaiian Air ran charters from Seattle to London
(Gatwick) with their old fleet of TriStars. These were -50 models I
believe and had low MGTOW (450,000) and limited range. The pax config was
362 (all coach, obviously). A fuel stop was frequently needed and I seem
to recall that it was made at Frobisher Bay. On one takeoff from YFB the
plane 'scraped its tail'. I don't remember the disposition of the aircraft
or the flight, but it eventually made it to SEA and carried on for another
10 years or so.

Tom Benedict