Re: 2nd Officer on a 767

Date:         10 Sep 97 19:38:45 
From:         Cameron Hines <>
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Andrew Muir wrote:
> In article <airliners.1997.1868@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>    David Summergreene <> wrote:
> >I work for QANTAS as a second officer on the 767 . . .<snip>
> Is a second officer in Australia the same as in the US, a flight engineer?
> If so, what do you do on a 767?  It is designed with a two man cockpit.
> [Moderator's note:  There's been lots of past discussion about the few
> 767s built with FE panels.  Still, it would be interesting to hear
> first-hand what the FE really does on these aircraft.  -- Karl]

Qantas use Second Officers as IRO's or International Relief Officers.
They are used on flights around Asia to extend flight and duty limits.
They are not FEs.

Ansett are the only airline with FEs on the 767s.