A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:33 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>According to Boeing, the standard economy
>>seat on the B747 and B777 is 1.5 inches wider than than the standard
>>economy seat on the A300/310/330/340.
>		      ^^^^^^^^
>Oh? Nice of Boeing to skew the figures with all those short range 300s/310s

American just started flying the A300-600 JFK-LHR.  Few would consider
that a short-range route.  All of Delta's (ex-Pan Am) A310s were used
for even longer trans-Atlantic routes.  While they certainly don't
have the range of a 747-400 or A340, the A300 and A310 are not exactly
short-range aircraft in their latest forms.

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