Re: Fracturing the Pacific

Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:51 
From:         Jan Polcher <>
Organization: Universites Paris VI/Paris VII - France
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Graeme Cant wrote:
>Karl Swartz wrote:
>> >Considering the benefits of twins, would investing in a bit of concrete
>> >not be advantagious by the airlines with large Asia-America traffic?
>> That or other upgrades such as ILS at an airport which already has a
>> long runway but perhaps doesn't have very good weather.
>The ILS would be more important than the concrete.  I think in your
>earlier posts you over-emphasised the importance of the runway and other
>facilities compared with the weather.

How about the political situation in Russia by the time the 777-400 is
delivered. To choose a 777-400 for trans-Pacific routes today is to hope
for a stable government in Russia in 2001 !  Boeing and the airlines can
do a lot to improve airports around the pole but they will be helpless if
the government in Moscow changes.

Who is advising the airlines on this ?
Are there still ETOPS-routes available if Russia does not offer anymore
alternate airports?


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