Re: Why Russians airlines usually make no-ILS approach/landings?

Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:50 
From:         Paul Saccani <>
Organization: University of Malaya
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Jerry Gardner wrote:
> Don't forget cows! A Russian air crew recently pilfered a cow grazing near an
> airfield. Said cow got rather antsy during the flight causing the crew to
> through the cow out of the plane. The cow struck a Japanese fishing boat and
> sank it. The japanese crew was held in jail for a few days because no one
> would believe their story until the Russian Consulate confirmed it.

Sorry, but this is a complete fabrication.  It was a joke that was
tranmitted via official channels, one collegue to another from an
embassy in Moscow.  Somehow, a newspaper got a hold of it and printed it
as a fact.