Re: Why Russians airlines usually make no-ILS approach/landings?

Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:50 
From:         "Carl A. Johansson" <>
Organization: Brigham Young University
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Jerry Gardner wrote:
> >> I've tried talking to them, but they're only interested in what they
> >> can bring home for free. Like worn-out car tyres, food and live
> >> chickens. :-)
> Don't forget cows! A Russian air crew recently pilfered a cow grazing near an
> airfield. Said cow got rather antsy during the flight causing the crew to
> through the cow out of the plane. The cow struck a Japanese fishing boat and
> sank it. The japanese crew was held in jail for a few days because no one
> would believe their story until the Russian Consulate confirmed it.

It is amazing how many times this story pops up.  It is a great story
but nothinmg more  -- Strictly an urban legend.  We tracked down the
Original; source (we think) which was a Kicker story in on of the avweb
flashes,  The editor confirmed that it was written just for fun, but it
has been repeartedly cited in this NG as fact. (On of the major aviation
mags ran it as a true story also   Nothing like "accurate competent
professional journalism" in a magazine that I used to look to for solid
factual information.  In case you or anuyone else wants to defend the
writer of the story in the magazine - be aware it took me about 15
minutes to disprove the story.
Carl Johansson