A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:33 
From:         niels@lofgren.demon.co.uk (Niels Sampath)
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>I do agree that nine abrest and ten abreast are less ideal than eight
>abreast when the flight is *full*.  Airlines do hope every flight is
>full, but most airlines can realistically fill their planes 60-70% full,
>annually.  Thus, for most flights, the dreadful middle seat of the 2-5-2
> configuration is not an issue.

No. It is an issue to the poor sap who is in the centre
seat and won't be a repeat customer. I can't see Boeing saying to
airlines: `you'll only have 60-70% capacity, don't worry about that
centre seat being occupied(!)' Tho I suppose this may become true
after they lose all those initial centre seat customers.

>According to Boeing, the standard economy
>seat on the B747 and B777 is 1.5 inches wider than than the standard
>economy seat on the A300/310/330/340.
Oh? Nice of Boeing to skew the figures with all those short range 300s/310s
especially when airline interiors are set by -airlines-. Ever been on a
Tower Air 747? They seem to have lost that extra 1.5 inches.<g>

>Nevertheless, comfort is a very subjective thing.  Also, some people will
>believe what they are told to believe.

Your last comment is unclear.

Niels Sampath