Re: Airliner Windows

Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:46 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
Organization: Chicago Software Works, Menlo Park, California
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>>I think you'll find the newer 737 (300+?) windows are set higher..
>>so plan your flights accordingly... <g>
>Wrong - 707 through 757 (narrow bodies only) put the windows in the same
>place relative to the floor and use essentially the same window frame

I've seen both a 737 (second generation) and 757 without their cabin
fittings, and they have a very large aluminum forging around the
window openings.  Upon visiting the 727 at Chicago's Museum of Science
of Industry, I was therefore surprised to find that it did not have
these same forgings and indeed seemed to be a very different design.

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