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Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:46 
From: (Syiad T. Al-Duri)
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"[non-spam]jfmezei" (jf mezei) wrote in sci.aeronautics.airliners
> TLC (The Learning Channel TV in the USA) had a programme about airliner
> crashes last week. They talked about the COMET plane in the UK back in
> the 50s which suffered structural failures at altitude due to pressure
> differentials.

> One of the comments made was that the structure was weaker due to the
> large picture windows of the COMET. Not sure how true this is, but it is
> a beleivable argument.

AFAIK, the main problem with the COMET where the high engine vibrations. It
was the first passenger aircraft with jet engines and they were pretty rough
at those times. The engines were mounted in the root of the wing, where the
bending torque has the highest value.

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