Re: Power for Take-Off

Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:42 
From:         Iain Stuart <>
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In article <airliners.1997.2057@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Jack Sanders
<> writes


>flight.  I expressed concern about losing power in one engine at a
>more critical point (liftoff), but he assured me that a fully loaded
>B757 would still have enough power to leave the ground.  Was he just
>trying to soothe my fears, since the event already passed, or is the
>plane actually that powerful?

It's all true.   All civil multi-engined aircraft can take off from any
airport with one engine out. It's in the FAR/BCAR/JAR regulations. I've
also heard that the 747 can take off on 2 engines in about 70% of cases,
but of course 2-off engine failure just doesn't happen.

Does it ?

If it wasn't for this requirement, the Big-Twins could survive with much
smaller engines. It's probably instructive to look at the A330 / A340
engines' ratings, considering the engine out rule. (I'm sure someone
can quote the thrusts.)

Iain Stuart