B 767-300 Exit configuration

Date:         08 Sep 97 02:03:40 
From:         Chris Elberfeld <"    SPAMNOTelberfeld"@sprintmail.com>
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As many readers of this NG might know, Boeing offers several
exit layouts on the 767-300. AA and UA's -300's have the same exit
configuration as the -200 with an additional overwing hatch.
Several European carriers have chosen to have another full size cabin
door in front of the wing, I think with this option there is either
one overwing hatch on each side _or_ a smaller floor-level exit just
behind the wing (a la most B757's). BA's -300's are of this type.

It would seem that the additional main door offers better evacuation
potential than just another overwing hatch (at least for the
high yield passengers in the front :-) ) This layout also enables
faster loading/unloading at dual jetway gates.

Now for my questions of this NG's learned readers:

What are the exit layouts for the various 767-300 operators?
Does Boeing plan to offer different exit layouts on the 767-400?
(For the right price, I'm sure they will)
How much more does it cost to order doors instead of hatches?
Are the aircraft with the extra door certificated for more passengers
than those with two overwing hatches?