Re: Airliner Windows

Date:         06 Sep 97 02:55:08 
From:         Steven McDowell <>
Organization: Sybase, Waterloo
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M. Yan Chin wrote:
> Is there a technical reason why all airliners seem to have the same
> small windows?  Larger ones seem like such an obvious thing to do to
> enhance passenger comfort.

I understand the size problem as being a structural necessity. I am
wondering about placement, though. Putting the windows a little higher
would be nice. I am at the tail end of a month of discomfort and
physiotherapy caused by a pinched nerve in my neck from too much looking
out the windows (all on the right side) of various airplanes on a
Toronto-Chicago-San Francisco jaunt. Alas, the windows are at a height
that requires looking down and out, and their lateral placement is often
not optimal for the seat placement, requiring either leaning forward or
cranking your neck way back. My neck has paid the price.

Sigh. Now my travel agent has instructions to put me in an aisle seat.

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