Re: Airliner Windows

Date:         06 Sep 97 02:55:07 
From:         dba@*spamnix* (Brian Allardice)
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In article <airliners.1997.1887@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "M. Yan Chin" <> says:
>Is there a technical reason why all airliners seem to have the same
>small windows?  Larger ones seem like such an obvious thing to do to
>enhance passenger comfort.

Well, you know, the first and only plane I've ever flown in with
decent widows was a Viscount.  Rather like a train....  But there
must be a problem somewhere, no-one does it today:  mind you, I
have been admonished for opening my little blind to gaze on the splendid
scenery of Turkiye thus casting light into the otherwise dim cabin while
all the other bozos were watching some horrendously awful movie...