Re: Airliner Windows

Date:         06 Sep 97 02:55:07 
From:         "Leo Kok" <>
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>The size of the windows is proportional to pressurization differential
>for structural safety reasons... ie: the Concorde has smaller windows (higher
>differential), than a Boeing airplane (7 1/2 - 8 psi) and if you remember the
>Vickers Viscount and F-27 had larger oval shaped windows, being turboprops
>with lower pressurization differential.

In part it is a consideration, but mostly it is a weight issue.  Ever notice
that quite a few freighters have their transparancies removed and replaced by
suitably thick aluminum.  Less weight and maintenance.  The bigger the
transparancies the greater the likelihood of scratches.  See pervious threads
on this regarding replacing transparancies.

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