Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         06 Sep 97 02:53:19 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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On 27 Aug 97 03:57:52 , (Joel S Cole) caused to appear as
if it was written:

>  The most spectacular event I've seen(albeit on video tape) was the
>Refused Takeoff Test of the USAF E-4 equipped with GE CF-6-50C engines.
>  The RTO test was to certify the B747-200 at 800,000 lb TOGW for the
>USAF.  The certified TOGW at that time was 178,000 lbs.  Boeing requested
>to run the test at a heavier GW for Lufthansa. The USAF gave permission
>for Boeing to fill the empty hull to 820,000 lb max TOGW.

Isn't the acronym "Rejected Take Off"?

However, shurely shome mishtake in the numbers...  178,000lbs of 747-200
wouldn't be very useful...   !

[Moderator's note: The 747-200B started off at ~750,000 lbs MGTOW; he
probably meant 778,000 lbs.  Karl]