Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         06 Sep 97 02:53:18 
From: (brian whatcott)
Organization: Teleport
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In article <airliners.1997.1865@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
stephen@genesis1.physics.YALE.EDU says...
>   On the "21st Century Jet" PBS program on the 777 project ...

>   I gathered from the program that a compressor stall is simply flow
>separation from the compressor blades, no different from a wing stall;
>does it necessarily also involve or cause mechanical conflicts as
>described above?  Or (hazy memory here) did the ovalizing cause too
>much of an air gap between blades and housing, thus somehow inducing
>the airflow separation?

(Sorry if this topic has already been addressed - haven't been following
the thread)

Talk of fan/housing interference reminds me of the current technique to
minimize the wasteful gap between blade and housing - yet dispose of
interference due to distortion:  The GE engines of the C-5 are fitted with
abrasive sheets at the blade housing interface; a sort of self-induced
final machining process....

brian whatcott <> Altus OK