Re: Dangerous Aircraft lighting

Date:         05 Sep 97 17:27:25 
From:         Antoin Daltun <>
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>Ground radars do help, but most surface movement radars (in Europe at
>least) are primary, so identity information is either completely
>missing from the controller's screen or present in a very rudimentary
>form, having been derived from other sources. At any rate, I'm sure
>it's still very useful for a Ground Movements Controller to be able to
>take a quick look out of the window to confirm from the fin markings
>that an aircraft at a particular position is the one (s)he expected to
>see there.

Apart from aircraft collisions, there are a relatively high number of
accidents between surface vehicles and aircraft and between people and

A few years ago, a loader at Dublin Airport walked into a rotating prop (at
night) and was killed.

Investigations have shown that some lighting conditions can be very
deceptive and really conceal dangers.

There is an IATA group which was specifically set up to reduce the dangers
of working on ramps, including training and alerting all concerned about them.


Antoin Daltun