Re: Why are all airliners white?

Date:         05 Sep 97 17:27:24 
From: (ZineGreen)
Organization: AOL
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As far as white paint goes, one of the main reasons is that white reflects
heat and sunlight.  Also, it allows for easier view of scratches,
corrosion, dents, etc. that may occasionally turn up.  Also, aesthetically,
it allows the airplane to act as sort of a bare canvas for the application
of the airline's markings.

Of course, the old Braniff International used to paint their planes all
kinds of colors.  I remember blue, purple, red, green, etc.  They even
commissioned Alexander Calder to paint a couple of their planes in a
tribute to the 1976 bicentennial.

Other airlines, too, use solid-color aircraft.  United's gray, for
example.  (check out Royal Jordanian's colors, which are very pretty.)

 - PS