aborted takeoff and brake damage

Date:         05 Sep 97 17:27:24 
From:         Peter <peter@whistler.ee.uec.ac.jp>
Organization: The University of Electro-Communications
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Yesterday I experienced an aborted takeoff at Kochi, Japan in ANA
767-300. Briefly, a sudden decelleration and silencing of the engines,
followed by a short burst of reverse thrust. The pilot had seen a flock
of birds on the runway. [The flock must have then been scared away
because a JAS Airbus A300 landed right behind us]

We had to wait at the terminal "for the brakes to cool down"
for about 20 minutes. I suppose this was to ensure good braking
efficiency for the next attempt.
We took off again and the flight proceeded uneventfully to Haneda until
on taxiing, I heard loud moaning and felt heavy shudders whenever we were


1: what exactly needs to cool down after such a heavy brake application?
Is it the hydraulic fluid or the brake discs and pads themselves? I dont
understand why hot brake surfaces should work less effectively than cold
ones, unless they melt or something

2: Given the shuddering and groaning of the brakes, what would need to be
done to them in the way of repairs?