Re: Reverse Thrust in Air (was Trident/More Weirdness))

Date:         05 Sep 97 17:27:22 
From: (Gregory R. Travis)
Organization: Indiana University
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John van Veen <> writes:

> (David Lesher) wrote:
>>In smaller beasts, an ex-US Customs pilot told me of doing short
>>field approaches in their King* Air. Basically, cross the threshold
>>low and dirty, put both sides in reverse pitch and LAND, period.

>That is hard to imagine!  If one side failed to reverse you would be in
>a world of hurt.

This was exactly the situation data did in a pair of corporate pilots
in a King Air.  The PIC was in the habit of pulling reverse thrust in
the air, just prior to touchdown, to significantly shorten the
landing roll.  Apparently, he was inclined to do this more for
the thrill effect than for any operational need.

One day the right engine failed to go into beta thrust simultaneously
with the left engine.  The results were fairly predictable.